Decree Your Victory Walk!

Beloved, there are times when we need to decree the victory that we desire to walk in! Gather your victory decrees daily!

“Day Twenty Eight

  1. Psalm 118: 24–This is the day which the Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!
  2. Isaiah 11: 2–I decree that the Spirit of the Lord rests upon me and will produce wisdom and knowledge, counsel and strength, knowledge and the fear of the Lord in my life!
  3. Proverbs 1: 33–Today, I will dwell in safety and shall be quiet from fear of evil as I hearken unto the wisdom of God!
  4. Micah 7: 19–I decree that God will have compassion upon me, subdue my iniquities and cast my sins into the depths of the sea!
  5. Matthew 5: 14–I decree that I am a light in the world and as a city on a hill that cannot be hid!
  6. Romans 12: 12–Today, I will rejoice in hope, have patience in tribulation, and remain consistent in prayer!
  7. Isaiah 45: 3–I decree that God is giving me the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places so that I may know that He is God!
  8. Habakkuk 2: 3–I decree that this is my appointed time and my vision will speak in this season and not lie. I will wait because it shall surely come to pass!
  9. Luke 1: 28–I decree that I am highly favored and blessed because the Lord is with me!


  1. II Timothy 3: 16–I decree that the scriptures that I have declared today are given by the inspiration of God. They are profitable in my life for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness, making me perfect and thoroughly furnished unto all good works!”

— 40 Days Of Biblical Declarations: Advancing From Test To Testimony Through The Activation Of God’s Word by Kimberly Jones

God Bless!

Timothy S Lewis


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